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Plešivica, a viticultural and winemaking subregion

The lyricism of the Plešivica countryside is unique, hills surround lovely valleys decorated with green, yellow and blue trnak grapevines, groves and vineyards, and picturesque Plešivica villages thread above them.

The eponymous Plešivica viticultural subregion is situated here, divided into five vineyards. The viticulture and winemaking of this area carry on the centuries-old tradition with numerous tasting rooms of the hardworking Plešivica wine-growers. Many of them are associated with the „Plešivica“ agricultural cooperative.

The „Plešivica“ agricultural cooperative was founded in 1979 by cooperants and, since then, it has been operating without a break for the benefit of the cooperants and the local community. The cooperative’s facility was built between 1984 and 1986 as the most beautiful and the most modern facility for grape reception and processing and production of quality wines in the Plešivičko-okička viticultural region. The facility spans 1500 square meters, and is comprised of a grape processing area, wine cellars with a capacity of 350,000 liters, as well as a wine bottling plant and storage.

Today the cooperative consists of 150 cooperants and is engaged in the production of red and white wines. The cooperative doesn’t have its own production areas (vineyards), so the production of grapes takes place in the cooperants’ vineyards.

Around 600,000 to 700,000 liters of wine are produced and sold per year. The product range includes white and red wines, as well as wines with controlled geographical origin – Plešivica, Graševina, Rhenish Riesling, Chardonnay, Xavier Cuvée and young Portugieser.

During 2010, the cooperation implemented the HACCP system on whose principles it still operates.

Infrastructurally, the cooperation is well-equipped (electricity, water, sewerage, a phone line), and it’s connected with an asphalt road to Jastrebarsko, about 8 kilometers away, to Samobor, about 15 kilometers away, and the distance to Zagreb and Karlovac is around 30 kilometers.

The cooperation and its experts also engage in raising new vineyards and producing wine, as well as in the process of the local community’s development through works and donations, and especially through the organization and conduction of expert educational workshops or seminars on the cooperation’s premises.

Our cooperative wines are proudly served to guests and visitors. These are the wines which, with their aroma and taste, reveal all the specificities of the Plešivica region.

Plešivica vineyards contain a variety of cultivars which make for a distinctive selection of high-quality and renowned Plešivica wines. Among the palette of native cultivars, such as Kraljevina Crvena, Šipelj Bijeli, Plavec Žuti, Zelenac Slatki… a special place belongs to Graševina Bijela.

Some excellent world cultivars have become established in Plešivica’s distinctive assortment – Pinot Blanc, red Traminer, white Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, white Rhenish Riesling … Among the red cultivars, red Portugieser, which has earned his „civil rights“ long ago, predominates. It’s accompanied by Lovrijenac Crni, Pinot Noir, Zweigelt Noir, red Cabernet Sauvignon…

All of those are the viticultural and winemaking qualities with which this region today abounds.