Wine growing hills

On the southern, eastern and western slopes of the Plešivica hills, on the hillsides and among the inclines which form beautiful amphitheatric sites, the Plešivica viticultural subregion is situated. This subregion’s viticultural history goes back to the Middle Ages. At one point, it was marked by the Erdödy counts’ violent clashes with the inhabitants of Samobor and Jastrebarsko. The French had a certain influence on the assortment of grapevine and wine (Bermet) during their short occupation of these regions (1808-1812).

Vineyards in the subregion climb to the altitudes of up to 400 meters above sea level and are mostly very favorably exposed to sun. The subregion is known for its variety of geological substrates and soils which have developed on them. The most frequent substrates are dolomite, marlstone and talus deposits, and on them, weakly, moderately and heavily podzolized brown soils, rendzinas and mineral-carbonate soils have developed. The continental climate with marked microclimate features favors viticulture, because the number of hours of sunshine reaches 1900 per year, while the vineyards receive up to 1076 millimeters of rainfall per year.

The long tradition of this region’s vineyards has also left a mark on the cultivation methods, as well as the assortment of grapevines. Even though there has lately been an increasing number of modern plantations with wide rows and cultivation along a trellis, small parcels of dense rows and the classic cultivation next to stakes still predominate. The assortment is diverse, from old traditional cultivars: Steier Belina, Lipovina, Šipelj, Kraljevina that have given the traditional white wine of Plešivica.

Plešivica vineyards contain a variety of cultivars which make for a distinctive selection of high-quality and renowned Plešivica wines. Among the palette of native cultivars, such as Kraljevina Crvena, Šipelj Bijeli, Plavec Žuti, Zelenac Slatki… a special place belongs to Graševina Bijela.

Some excellent world cultivars have become established in Plešivica’s distinctive assortment – Pinot Blanc, red Traminer, white Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, white Rhenish Riesling … Among the red cultivars, red Portugieser, which has earned his „civil rights“ long ago, predominates. It’s accompanied by Lovrijenac Crni, Pinot Noir, Zweigelt Noir, red Cabernet Sauvignon…

All of those are the viticultural and winemaking qualities with which this region today abounds.